CITS880s                         Toneohm950                        Si8000m                               Atlas

CITS880s Controlled Impedance         multi-layer short circuit locator     PCB Controlled Impedance Field Solver   PCB insertion loss testing for PCB

 Test System                                                                                                     for single and multiple dielectric PCBs    fabricators and Si engineers


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CITS Probe



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Preferred probe types


Note: The following probe types are preferred for the CITS880s:CPB001, CPB002, CPB270, CPB272, CPB274, CPB275.

The following probe types are preferred for legacy CITS models:IP50/0.1", IP50/0.14", ACC270, ACC272, ACC274, ACC275


ACC313     Torque wrech                                                                                             


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WMA 326 RF Cable                                                               ACC254 50 Ohm Semi - Rigid


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 ACC 323 Foot switch

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